Equipment Financing –

Equip your business with the tools it needs to grow.

Sometimes the equipment you need to make a real difference can be financially out of reach. You can have the best staff in the world and be the most dedicated business owner around, but if you haven’t got the right tools it’s often impossible to get the job done effectively. 

At Capital Peaks we know how frustrating it can be for talented businesses with drive and passion to be hampered by a lack of equipment. Given the chance, many of these businesses would flourish if given the tools to do so. 

An equipment financing solution from Capital Peaks could be just what you need to get your business in the fast lane, increasing your productivity and saving you time and money.  Contact us today for more information. 


Easy application process

Possible tax deduction - ask your loan specialist


Flexible terms and payment options


Offered with the speed that is expected of advance cash services

Loan options for both good and bad credit histories

Included as part of our small business funding programs