Got a Declined Deal?

We approve tough credit business customers for equipment financing

    The Capital Peaks model offers efficient financing services for its network of vendors, manufacturers and marketplaces.

    Capital Peaks works with partners of all shapes and size. We scale our solution to fit your workflow. Starting with a simple financing application on display in your showroom, ending with integrated API on your site, and a dedicated sales team converting your transactions.


    Approve and Fund Purchases Quickly


    Flexible Financing Options


    Seamless Process


    How Your Customers Can Qualify

    Most primary lenders decline a business if the owner has a 640 or under credit score, or if the business was formed less than three years ago. We can turn these declined credit applications into closed deals.

    We are experts in approving businesses with the following:

    • Credit scores from a 450 to an 850 – rates open at 5.5%
    • Start-up companies (less than 3 years time in business)
    • Any equipment type, used or new
    • Tax liens, bankruptcies, slow pay
    • All at no risk or recourse to you

    Send Us Your Declined Credit Applications

    We strive each day to approve and fund tough credit deals quickly and professionally. Call us now for more information at (877) 354-4325. Or, if you have a deal to submit, fill out out the form on the right for a second opinion.

    Don’t believe us? Please see below for testimonials from equipment dealers and sales professionals just like you.

    When I get a deal declined by CNH or Takeuchi finance, I usually reach out to Capital Peaks. They went the extra mile for myself and a number of customers I have sent over to them! I have received calls from other sales guys I referred to Ian/Capital Peaks and they have all been impressed as well.

    Matthew Isgrig

    Landmark Equipment

    I highly suggest working with Capital Peaks, their team will go above and beyond to support your business. We have worked with every financing company available and Capital Peaks is the best.


    MedLaser USA

    Since the first time I spoke to Ian I knew we were going to do a lot of business together. I worked as a finance manager in the car industry so I know about his job and he is always there for you and he will use every avenue possible to make it happen – so in my book Capital Peaks is my number one choice.

    Alberto Custodio

    Freightliner of Arizona